Institute for Advanced Study

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The Institute for Advanced Study is one of the world’s leading centersfor theoretical research and intellectual inquiry. The Institute existsto encourage and support fundamental research in the sciences andhumanities—the original, often speculative, thinking that producesadvances in knowledge that change the way we understand the world. Workat the Institute takes place in four Schools: Historical Studies,Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Social Science. It provides for thementoring of scholars by a permanent Faculty of no more than 28, and itoffers all who work there the freedom to undertake research that willmake significant contributions in any of the broad range of fields inthe sciences and humanities studied at the Institute.

The Institute, founded in 1930, is a private, independent academicinstitution located in Princeton, New Jersey. Its more than 6,000 formerMembers hold positions of intellectual and scientific leadershipthroughout the academic world. Some 27 Nobel Laureates and 38 out of 52Fields Medalists, as well as many winners of the Wolf or MacArthurprizes, have been affiliated with the Institute.