Bite-sized Contribution

Thu, 01/03/2013 - 17:51 -- ezra-g
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This session encourages everyone to become involved -- or to get more actively involved -- in participating in the Drupal Community by discussing common objections that people who are new to Drupal often raise.

We'll examine these objections and then shatter them in a lighthearted invitation for everyone to participate.

Together, we'll overcome objections such as:

- "But I'm not a developer!"
- "But it's not polished enough!"
- "But I'm afraid to look new!"
- "But I dont have time to contribute!"

In the process, we'll learn about:
- Famous Drupalists' first posts on
- The worst logo Drupal history
- How to foster a community that is welcoming to new participants
- [Your great "new to Drupal" story here]

Site Building & Case Studies
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