Drupal 7 as a Communications Platform

Since its beginnings Drupal has been a tool for building communities by facilitating communication. Buried inside Drupal core are some pretty powerful tools. Messaging and Notifications are essential core modules yet they're often misunderstood and untapped.

In this session we'll explore ways to build functionality with Messaging and Notifications and ways to mimic functionality found in popular sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Intended audience:
* Project owners
* Information architects
* Drupal developers

Questions answered by this session
* How can Drupal be used for communications
* What do the Notifications and Messaging modules do
How can the Notifications and Messaging modules be extended and modified

The slides from this presentation are available at http://www.snakehill.net/blogs/daniel-schiavone/drupal-7-communications-...

Drupal Development
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