Drupal and Apache Solr Search Go Together Like Pizza and Beer for Your Site

The Apache Solr Search Integration module provides integration with the (free, open-source) Apache Solr server. This great combination of Drupal with a powerful and flexible search server will make your site irresistible to visitors by providing advanced search features like faceting filtering and by delivering the most relevant search results from your site. The module has been re-written for Drupal 7 to integrate with Facet API and those changes have been backported to a new Drupal 6 branch. Thus, you can use this module for all your projects, as well as setting up a shared search index that allows you to search across different Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 sites. This talk will focus on explaining configurations options in the admin UI to help you quickly and confidently configure the facets, pages, related content blocks, and other features for your site. Highlights may include:

  • What are the key Solr concepts you need to understand to get the most out of Solr integration?
  • How is the module admin UI organized?
  • How do I configure facets, sorts, and content recommendation blocks?
  • How can I use additional modules to index file attachments?
Site Building & Case Studies
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