Drupal in Education

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Tue, 01/29/2013 - 14:35 -- btopro

Birds of a Feather Session:

This BoF is for all Drupal users, developers, site builders, you name it that either work in or have an interest in Education. I started a brief thread here to kick start some possible topics -- http://groups.drupal.org/node/276638

Some possible topics so we could break things down quickly and all gain something useful from:
- Quick poll of years using Drupal (much better gauge then self-reported skill level) as well as in or outside of Education (vendor vs staff / faculty question).
- Poll / conversation about how everyone is handling access / identity management. Are we getting this info from LDAP, custom SIS instances, LMSs, etc. Also, what single sign on methods are people using co-sign / kerberos / other.
- Architectural decision making -- How are people building sites / systems? Education typically has an issue of scale so what structures have worked best and why? Multi-site, Organic groups, distro or not to start, domain access, etc are all possible inflection points so lets hash out what worked well where.
- Identifying projects currently missing to make Drupal into the common systems we rely on for our day to day lives. What's needed to make Drupal an LMS? an SIS? A registrar? A CRM system?
- Rapid fire what people are working on, 1 minute pitch as to a problem space that you solved with Drupal. Conversation continues as people ask questions about the project in question.

I'll be talking at the end of the day about what I'm working on (shameless plug - http://www.drupalcampnj.org/content/using-drupal-transform-education) so I'd be happy to moderate a conversation and offer thoughts on drupal in education. At the very least hopefully we can all gain a group of people to hang out with throughout the weekend that can all bounce questions off each other.

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