Drupal Site Building Checklist

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So you want to build a simple Drupal website? Maybe it's a corporate website for a small organization or a small university department. Once you get started, you might realize that your website is not so simple after all.

While Drupal provides lots of functionality out-of-the box, even the simplest website requires a lot of configuration, installing common contributed modules, and checking of checkboxes. How do you make sure that you haven't missed anything?

In this presentation, I'll walk you through my checklist of essential core configuration and contributed modules that pretty much every Drupal website will need. I'll use a McGill University research group website as an example.

Whether you're a project manager, site builder or administrator, this presentation should give you food for thought and help you build your own checklist for your next Drupal project.

You can view the slides for the session here: http://www.slideshare.net/evolvingweb/drupal-site-building-checklist-fro...

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