Frontiers of CSS: Its Past, Present, and Future (in Drupal)

Over the last several years, browser support awesomeness for CSS has skyrocketed. We now have a large arsenal of tools on our belts to enhance design and UX on our sites. This session will inspect how far we've come in the CSS standard, where we are now, and where things will be going in the near future. We'll talk about cutting-edge techniques, how nicely they play with all modern browsers (maybe even some older ones), and where vendor prefixes are headed. Then we'll delve into responsive design, the CSS standard, and what this all means for Drupal. After this session you'll have a strong idea of where CSS is progressing.

Where is CSS now? A brief retrospective
Revisiting newly widespread CSS properties and techniques
Cross-browser compatibility
Vendor prefixes: Where are they headed?
CSS with other media
Responsive design and responsive media
Progress on the CSS standard
CSS' future and Drupal
Going out in style: CSS in the long run

This session is geared toward themers and designers with some proficiency in CSS who are interested in learning about contemporary CSS and what's in store.

Theming & Mobile
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