Learn to use Views

131, Mac/PC Training Room

Learn how to use Views to create lists of content and control how content is displayed throughout your website using a point-and-click interface.

Views is a query builder, used to select, sort and display content in various ways. Whether you're building a list of blog posts or a complex events calendar, Views is an essential tool when building a Drupal website. In this training, you'll see how powerful Views is, and how you can extend it to create a custom user experience. If youʼre familiar with database administration, Views is going to seem very familiar. Itʼs an easy way to build fairly complex queries using a point-and-click tool.

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Create dynamic lists of content, displayed as HTML lists and tables
  • Create lists of taxonomy terms, users and comments, sorted in various ways
  • Use Views' contextual filters and relationships to build more powerful and useful lists of data
  • Change the format of Views results
  • Extend Views by adding modules to display content in different ways


To get the most out of the course, it's essential that you have some Drupal site building or administrative experience.


This class will be taught by Suzanne Kennedy from Evolving Web

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