Midnight Train to DeKalb Station - How Drupal will help millions of New Yorkers get home on time.

The NYC MTA recently announced the availability of Real Time Data Feeds for developers at http://datamine.mta.info. Learn how this custom API portal was built on Drupal 7 to support millions of daily commuters and visitors.

Built to make up to the second information about MTA services available to millions of New Yorkers and visitors, this new Drupal site allows developers to create an account and obtain an API key for specific feeds created by the MTA to inform riders and others about scheduling and service notices. The site will be used as a portal for all the MTA’s open data feeds as they are developed.

Learn how behind the scenes the Real Time Data Feeds Drupal application caches data from the MTAs servers to be made available to end users through developer projects such as websites and mobile applications. Learn how an optimal mix of reliability and performance was created through sophisticated caching levels, developer proxies, and SOASTA mobile load testing.

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Ray Saltini
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