Raising the Bar for Drupal: WSCCI, Scotch & Vodka (and Rum!)

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Drupal 8 is just around the corner, and with it come some of the biggest changes yet in its core architecture. This session will present the fruits some of the more colorfully named D8 initiatives* and explain how they will impact site architects, developers and site builders.

WSCCI (aka "Whiskey") is the Web Services & Context Core Initiative which has the stated goal of transforming Drupal from a CMS to a REST server with a CMS implemented on it. WSCCI is where the Symfony2 framework is mainly integrated with Drupal.

Scotch is the Blocks & Layouts Everywhere Initiative which represents a completely new system of "page" assembly, replacing Drupal's hodgepodge of output components with a unified plugin system.

Vodka is the jocular name for Views in Core initiative which finally made Drupal's contrib query builder / display manager part of the Drupal core.

RUM is "Responsive User Mobile" a re-Christening of the previously dully named Mobile initiative which aims to make Drupal 8 the best mobile CMS "on the planet." (Apparently Betelgeuse Five has advanced devices that will not be supported in this release.)

In this session we'll take a deep dive into each of these, looking especially at how they'll change both the way you build Drupal sites once Drupal 8 is released, and how they should inform your current development. This session is appropriate for all tracks and levels.

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