Rocking Responsive Web Design with Drupal

137, Meeting Room A

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a fresh perspective on design for Internet capable devices. It facilitates the artful presentation of content on every size screen.

This workshop will explore techniques for progressively building a Mobile First, RWD website on the Drupal platform. We highlight common Drupal pitfalls, themes, and modules.

Experience Level:

Intermediate to advanced.


Familiarity with CSS and Drupal knowledge (e.g., installing modules and themes)

*Please note: This is a hands-on workshop and participants are required to bring a computer. Full workshop documentation is provided.


  • Introduction
    • So you think you know RWD?
      • Why RWD?
      • Alternatives to RWD?
  • Aspects
    • Fluid layouts
    • Images
    • Media queries
    • Feature detection and polyfills
    • Design
  • Drupal and RWD
    • Themes
    • Modules
    • Techniques


Mason Wendell from Zivtech

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