System Tips and Tricks

As developers, we are all familiar with the task of creating websites, but not everyone is familiar with the underlining systems they run on. I will go over the basics of how some of these systems work, and tricks for making the development process faster and easier.

Topics to include:

- Web and MySQL servers
- Apache configurations and .htaccess files
- File system permissions and SELinux
- SSH and encryption keys
- Configuring Bash profiles and command line shortcuts
- Simple shell scripting
- Setting up Drush and overcoming problems
- How Drush aliases work
- Using version control
- Setting up mobile device emulators
- Drupal multisite installs
- ...and probably a bunch of random tips

Note: Most of this information is geared towards development on Mac OS and Linux, but some information will be relevant to Windows users.

Drupal Development
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