Vagrant for Drupal

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Vagrant is a powerful tool for creating and managing virtualized development environments. In this session, I'll walk though how to deploy a local Drupal development stack with Vagrant. This makes it easy to spin up a new virtual machine for running Drupal complete with Drush and your Drupal install.

What makes vagrant so awesome?

Setting up Vagrant is easy on any operating system, you just have to install Vagrant and VirtualBox
Vagrant is an open-source tool that runs from the command line
It lets you manage configuration for provisioning the server with Chef or Puppet
You can set up shell scripts to install Drupal, set up default user accounts, etc.
Once it's set up, you can SSH into your virtual machine
You can also access the files on your virtual machine via shared folders


My "slides" aka bullets are here:
Please come to our BOF this afternoon at 3pm in Friend 110.

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