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Closing Plenary pwolanin, Ray Saltini

We'll wrap up the day by talking about how to learn more and take your next steps with Drupal.

We'll also talk about the Drupal Association, the non-profit that helps support the Drupal...

Drupal Community
Drupal 7 as a Communications Platform schiavo

Since its beginnings Drupal has been a tool for building communities by facilitating communication. Buried inside Drupal core are some pretty powerful tools.

Advanced Drupal Development
Drupal 7, Drupal 8, and Beyond David Rothstein

I'll talk about the recent evolution of Drupal, from my perspective as a core code committer for the current release (Drupal 7) who has also been involved (but less so) in the development of the...

Beginner Drupal Development
Drupal and Apache Solr Search Go Together Like Pizza and Beer for Your Site pwolanin

The Apache Solr Search Integration module provides integration with the (free, open-source) Apache Solr server.

Intermediate Site Building & Case Studies
Drupal Coding Patterns fakingfantastic

Having worked closely with Drupal for years, I've had the opportunity to work on really big sites for A-List clients, contributed modules and patches for core and Drupal Commerce, as well being a...

Advanced Drupal Development
Drupal Site Building Checklist pixelite

So you want to build a simple Drupal website? Maybe it's a corporate website for a small organization or a small university department. Once you get started, you might realize that your website is...

Beginner Site Building & Case Studies
From 0 to Drupal in Six Months thicknrich

A look into how Stony Brook University's Division of Information Technology has successfully chose, implemented, migrated and launched its public facing support pages using Drupal.

Beginner Site Building & Case Studies
Frontiers of CSS: Its Past, Present, and Future (in Drupal) prestonso

Over the last several years, browser support awesomeness for CSS has skyrocketed. We now have a large arsenal of tools on our belts to enhance design and UX on our sites.

Intermediate Theming & Mobile
Midnight Train to DeKalb Station - How Drupal will help millions of New Yorkers get home on time. Ray Saltini, MKorostoff

The NYC MTA recently announced the availability of Real Time Data Feeds for developers at

Intermediate Drupal Development
Planning for Drupal jmoraca

"I need a new website, now what?"

Beginner Site Building & Case Studies
Princeton University Library Drupal Conversion Kevin Reiss, antonioG4

Princeton University Library is converting our core library website to Drupal and is planning to use Drupal as our primary platform for future website development.

Beginner Site Building & Case Studies
Raising the Bar for Drupal: WSCCI, Scotch & Vodka (and Rum!) Forest Mars

Drupal 8 is just around the corner, and with it come some of the biggest changes yet in its core architecture.

Advanced Drupal Development
Responsive Menu Patterns wheatpenny

Notes from talk:

Intermediate Theming & Mobile
System Tips and Tricks davidhernandez

As developers, we are all familiar with the task of creating websites, but not everyone is familiar with the underlining systems they run on.

Advanced Drupal Development
Testing Drupal with Ghosts and Gherkins Steven Merrill

This presentation will focus on using tools like casperjs ( and Cucumber to test your Drupal Site. These tools are especially important for testing JavaScript and other interactive...

Intermediate Drupal Development
The Importance of the Drupal Cache luisr, caiovlp

This presentation will focus on the importance of the Drupal Cache for Drupal development.

Intermediate Site Building & Case Studies
Understanding high performance caching with SSL lliss

In this session we'll talk about the basic setup of a high performance caching that can use SSL. We'll also do a demo in which we set up a Drupal site that uses Pound for SSL and Varnish for...

Advanced Drupal Development
Using Drupal to Transform Education btopro

Drupal usage in education is exploding. It seems every week I hear about an awesome new project to help bridge technology gaps in education being filled by a Drupal-based solution.

Intermediate Site Building & Case Studies
Using Workbench to Improve Drupal Content Management crowdcg

At the end of this session, attendees will understand how to configure the Workbench module and its related modules for use in their organization.

Intermediate Site Building & Case Studies
Vagrant for Drupal evolvingweb

Vagrant is a powerful tool for creating and managing virtualized development environments. In this session, I'll walk though how to deploy a local Drupal development stack with Vagrant.

Advanced Drupal Development


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